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Frog Team Surveys K’gari

Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC), QPWS, Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers, Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation staff, Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG), and students from the University of the Sunshine Coast braved the mozzies and undertook frog surveys across K’gari as part of the post-fire K’gari Ecological Action Plan.


K’gari Fish Health

In April 2021, as part of the federal government’s Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Program, rapid on-ground ecological surveys of the distribution and abundance of priority threatened species were undertaken to determine the extent and severity of threats to habitats and populations.


Training K’gari’s Future Rangers

FINIA would like to congratulate the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation’s Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers Trainees for recently completing their six-month Skilling Queenslanders for Work traineeships.


Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Management Advisory Group

The Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Management Advisory Group (RMAG) aims to acknowledge the GSS as an outstanding example of a sand passage estuary in a relatively undisturbed state and implement actions to monitor, mitigate and prevent both current and emerging threats to its ecological character.


K’gari’s Great Plant Giveaway

In July, in a collaborative effort facilitated by FINIA, the Great Plant Giveaway was held at Eurong.  It offered stock raised in Eurong’s QPWS nursery by FIDO volunteers to be used by island property owners.  It was made clear that no plants could be removed from the island. (more…)

The Great Easter Cassia Blitz of 2018!

The idea of a Blitz near Happy Valley while the Easter Cassia (Senna pendula var. glabrata) was flowering might have been my idea. However, the credit for the success of the Cassia Blitz goes to FIDO’s John Sinclair and Peter Shooter who organised the week-long event and to BMRG (Burnett Mary Regional Group) who funded it. (more…)

FINIA Meeting held on Fraser Island (K’gari)

The March 2017 FINIA meeting, which was on held on Fraser Island, provided an excellent opportunity for the members of FINIA to see first-hand the work being undertaken on the island by teams of FIDO volunteers (supported by BMRG through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme), the Fraser Island Association [FIA], and the Fraser Coast Regional Council with the support of Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service.  (more…)

Find a Frog in February!

Community assistance is needed to find out where our frogs are living from Burrum Heads south to Peregian and west to Conondale Range, Kilkivan and Mt Walsh. Frogs are a vital component of ecosystems and can be good indicators of environmental health. But they are in trouble world-wide due to habitat loss, pollution and disease and we need to know more about where they are. (more…)

FINIA Members Participate in BMRG Video Case Study

How can you prove that a group is more than just the sum of its parts?  This is one of the questions the Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) recently posed when asked what their organisation contributes and how their sustained support can actually enhance delivery through regional partnerships? (more…)

Using Bufo Toxin to Control Cane Toads

An innovative scientific trial using cane toads’ own defense mechanism (bufo toxin) against their own spawn could bring about the eradication of these pests from Fraser Island. (more…)