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FINIA is a collaboration of government agencies and non-government groups that share a mutual interest in protecting the natural integrity of K’gari (Fraser Island).

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Our Vision

“To protect K’gari’s natural integrity, ecological assets and unique beauty through collaborative management, community education and targeted rehabilitation works.”

FINIA was formed after the K’gari (Fraser Island) Weeds and Pests Workshop in late 2005.

The members of FINIA decided to collaborate on a number of issues that were threatening the future sustainability of K’gari’s natural environment.

The Alliance is a means to bring stakeholders together to implement common goals with respect to often differing organisational objectives in a proactive and respectful manner. Members operate under an agreed Terms of Reference.

FINIA has no membership fees and is composed only of groups committed to sustaining the natural integrity of Fraser Island together.

FINIA Members

FINIA helps foster cooperation between members to achieve a better outcome for K’gari. While most of FINIA’s early focus was addressed towards controlling invasive weeds, FINIA’s role has expanded to monitoring and education to elicit wider public support for FINIA’s vision.