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The Big Four meet the Eurong Weed-busters

A John Sinclair children’s story from K’gari inspired by the Lantana Attack in October 2018 (more…)

Island Impressions While Weeding

Thoughts contributed by FIDO Volunteer, Maria Miller (more…)

8th Biennial K’gari (Fraser Island) Conference

Saturday 31 August 2019

Community, Culture and Collaborations (more…)

Give yourself a Pest Workout: Brazilian Cherry

The Brazillian Cherry (Eugenia uniflora), an environmental weed, is a medium height shrub native to South America, (more…)

Biocontrol of Lantana on K’gari

At least 15 years ago, we became aware of the failure of lantana to recolonise areas at Eurong where we had removed it.  We then started to observe the thinning out of the lantana in the bush.  (more…)

An Adventure of the Vocal Quartet

A children’s story from Fraser Island (K’gari)


Biological controls are working

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of injurious agencies finding their way to or threatening the natural integrity of K’gari (Fraser Island).  Recent records include myrtle rust and feral fauna including foxes and pigs as well as new weeds and the jamella leaf-hopper.  Fortunately, some of these and other adverse impacts are being in part countered by biological controls. (more…)

A plant out of place – the Beach Almond

A weed, they say, is a plant out of place.  Well, the Beach almond (Terminalia catappa) a.k.a. Indian almond or Tropical almond is out of place on Fraser Island.  (more…)

Addressing pests on the Fraser Coast

A pest is any animal or plant that has an adverse economic, environmental or social impact on a particular place.  Pest plants and animals degrade our natural resources, damage precious vegetation, compromise biodiversity and interfere with human health and recreation.

FraserIsland_WeedsFraser Coast Regional Council is updating their Biosecurity Plan to align with the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Biosecurity Strategy.  The Fraser Coast Region Biosecurity Plan 2018-2022 covers the entire local government area including all land and water (but excluding marine) resources.

It provides a framework to facilitate the coordinated management of invasive plants and animals in the Fraser Coast region identified in the Biosecurity Act (2014) as well as other invasive species identified as having significant local impacts.

The Draft Biosecurity Plan 2018-2022 will be formally launched for Public Consultation on 19 December 2018 for a 6-week public consultation period before the final draft is submitted to Council for adoption in early March.

To download your copy, please click here.

To have your say, please provide your feedback to Col Zemek, Biosecurity Coordinator, Fraser Coast Regional Council by 31 January 2019.

The appearance of Beach Spinifex on K’gari

Most people accept that Beach Spinifex (Spinifex longifolius) is natural to K’gari.  I don’t.  I can recall seeing it for the first time in the early 1970s.  The appearance of the roly-poly seed dancing along the beach swept along by wind when I first saw it was unforgettable. (more…)