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Feature Pest: Shot Hole Borer

With so many weeds and pests already established on K’gari, it is important that we don’t inadvertently introduce more. One such group of pests are the shot hole borers.


Volunteering with FIDO at Eurong

FIDO has been organising volunteer weed control trips to Eurong for many years. Led by Su Dawson, the following summarises the most recent trip with volunteers Ross Webster, Mike and Mars Oram.


Portable Toilets Mandatory for Teewah Beach

A new portable waste facility has been installed, and portable toilets are now mandatory at Teewah Beach due to human waste being inappropriately disposed of in the area’s natural environment.


The World’s Tiniest Wattle on the World’s Largest Sand Island

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Natural Resource Management team staff Rachel and Megan discovered how tiny the vulnerable Tiny Wattle (Acacia baueri subsp. baueri) is while they were out in the field with visiting University of Sunshine Coast students on K’gari.


Conserving Mur’rindum (Black-breasted button-quail) on Butchulla Country

Mur’rindum (Butchulla language), Black-breasted button-quail, Turnix Melanogaster or BBBQ is listed as Vulnerable under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992.


K’gari Natural Resource and Wongari (Dingo) Management Team Win Safety Award

The Director-General’s Safety Behaviour Awards recognise and reward individuals and teams who have demonstrated commitment, leadership, and best practice in the workplace to improve the department’s health and safety culture.


Collaborative K’gari wongari health assessments – from the inside out

K’gari wongari (dingo) are an ecologically, culturally and economically important component of the island, and as managers, we need to ensure their ongoing conservation. Part of this process includes the assessment of deceased wongari as an accessible sample of the entire population.


Normal Life After GPS Collar for RYellow18F

She was a well-known collared wongari (dingo) in the public spotlight after a series of negative interactions on K’gari, but she, like others, prove that there is a normal life after a collar.


Happy Valley Resilient Australia Award Winners

Happy Valley Rural Fire Brigade and Happy Valley Community Association recently received a Resilient Australia Award.


Cultural Burns Return to K’gari

Cultural Burns Return to K’gari

For thousands of years, Butchulla people used fire (gira) to manage their landscape, to hunt and gather food and for farming: to make sure certain plants and animals flourished in certain places so that resources were available, convenient, and predictable.