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Wilfie’s War on Woody Weeds – a story for children by John Sinclair

Wilfie and his Scout Patrol found a wonderful project for their Bob-a-Job week to raise money for their Scout group.  An old man had offered to give the patrol 50 cents for every woody weed they removed from his valley on Fraser Island but only as long as they removed every single one.  Wilfie and his patrol didn’t mind because there were hundreds of woody weeds and they expected to make a lot of money.  Besides it would give them a chance to spend more time on beautiful Fraser Island.  Even Wilfie’s dad was happy to help take the patrol over and do a spot of fishing while he was there.


The Last Easter Cassia – a children’s story by John Sinclair

Despite being the very best mates, Jacob Jones and Herbert Hancock were fiercely competitive.  These two ten-year-olds challenged each other to see who could get the best marks in every subject at school, and who was the best athlete, who scored the most runs in cricket or who had the best computer game score.  Life was an endless competition between these two friends.  The competition was good for both of them because they were so evenly matched in both scholastic and sporting ability and the competition helped both of them improve their achievements. (more…)