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National Parks Association of Queensland

NPAQ logo FINALThe NPAQ’s mission is to promote the preservation, expansion, good management and presentation of National Parks and the Protected Area Estate in Queensland and to ensure access to them is appropriate.

NPAQ is a non-government, non-party political, private organisation who campaign for more National Parks and Protected Area Estate across Queensland liaising with politicians and government members as well as key stakeholders such as Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

NPAQ have played a key role in lobbying for the preservation of existing National Parks in their natural condition and also for the reservation of new areas identified as deserving National Park status since their inception is 1930, and can rightfully claim to have participated in one form or another in the establishment of some 60% of the current Queensland Estate.

The NPAQ also encourages people of all ages and families to enjoy and appreciate our National Parks and other wilderness areas. National Parks are recognised as places where people can heal their bodies and minds and enjoy what nature has to offer.

NPAQ has been a member of FINIA since its inception in 2005 and is currently working to establish the George Haddock Track. The track will honour the late George Haddock who was the second longest serving member of NPAQ and a member of Fraser Island Community Advisory Committee for 10 years before his death in 2008. When completed, the George Haddock Section will add over 50 kilometres to the Fraser Island Great Walk.

Website: http://www.npaq.org.au/