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Sandy Cape Lighthouse Conservation Association

Sandy Cape logoThe objectives of the Sandy Cape Lighthouse Conservation Association (SCLCA) are: –

  • To foster the education and awareness of the visitors to the top end of Fraser Island as to the cultural, environmental and historical significance of the Sandy Cape Light Station,
  • To modify its previous impacts on the environment of the Sandy Cape area.

To achieve this, in co-operation with Lower Mary River Land and Catchment Care Group (LMRLCCG), and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, (the managers of the site), SCLCA seeks funds for, and participates in:

  • Researching, developing, and presenting a succinct historical and environmental display (museum)
  • Programs to reduce the extent and impact of environmental pests and weeds accidentally introduced to the area since the year 1869
  • Programs to monitor and collect data of Marine Turtles
  • Maintain capacity building and training programmes
  • Maintenance of the lighthouse precincts and access tracks.