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The Great Easter Cassia Blitz of 2018!

The idea of a Blitz near Happy Valley while the Easter Cassia (Senna pendula var. glabrata) was flowering might have been my idea. However, the credit for the success of the Cassia Blitz goes to FIDO’s John Sinclair and Peter Shooter who organised the week-long event and to BMRG (Burnett Mary Regional Group) who funded it. (more…)

Give yourself an Autumn Weed Workout!


Autumn Weed – Easter Cassia

Inspections in Fraser Island townships continue every May and November, with great work occurring with the volunteer groups and residents.

There are still plants being brought over from the mainland, seen without any known quarantine. Please think before bringing plants to the island to reduce the potential for spreading disease and pests. We are hoping that we have tackled most of the large broad-leaved peppers in Happy Valley, but if anyone knows of any more please let us know. This also applies with the spotting of Easter Cassia and umbrella trees in Eurong.