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University of the Sunshine Coast

Picture1University of the Sunshine Coast has a long standing interest in Fraser Island and has an ongoing research program active on the island including a research station.

The USC has conducted research mapping the fire history of the island using remote sensing techniques and studied many threatened species on the island especially in relation to fire.

The USC was proactive in the initial establishment of FINIA hosting a preliminary workshop where the concept was launched.

The USC employed a Fraser Island Weeds Management officer for several years and this enabled a neutral position focussed on a specific issue to bring together all the stakeholders of FINIA. The project resulted in a whole of Island weed management plan and was successful in bringing together FINIA as a working team along with considerable on ground weed management for the Island. The trust built during this process then enabled FINIA to expand into a greater diversity of management issues.

Website www.usc.edu.au