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Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council

The Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council Inc (WBBEC) is an apolitical, not-for-profit environmental advocacy organisation, covering the Wide Bay Burnett region in Queensland. WBBEC members meet quarterly, usually on a Saturday morning in Maryborough.

Our motto is ‘Protecting the region’s biodiversity for the future’ and we aim to achieve that via a range of advocacy based approaches including:

  • Community education campaigns highlighting the importance of environmental protection via television/radio/print/and social media, publications, workshops, public information sessions, documentary screenings, information stalls and interactive presentations at a variety of education and early childhood centres;
  • Providing expert advice to all levels of government via participation and representation on various technical working groups, planning committees, Ministerial Roundtable conferences and providing submissions on proposed, and/or amendments to, relevant government policies and legislation;
  • Responding to community requests to initiate investigations into potential impacts to the environment from unlawful activities, proposed development, breaches of approval conditions/environmental legislation from existing development and/or land and resource uses and
  • Facilitating communication between multiple local community/landcare/catchment care/wildlife protection groups, the Environment Council and the broader Conservation Sector across Queensland.

If you have an environmental concern, wish to become involved in our organisation or would like further information, contact us via the details below:

Contact Us

Email: admin@wbbec.org.au or manager@wbbec.org.au

Mobile: 0423 932 431 (Regional Engagement Coordinator) or 0411 360 074 (Admin Officer)

P.O. Box 97


QLD 4650