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Pandanus Leaf Stripping – a Caring for Country Project

Queensland Parks and Wildlife recently engaged the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation to conduct a leaf-stripping project on K’gari (Fraser Island). Teams of three Butchulla community rangers, with the assistance of a Bunya Ranger, travelled to K’gari and received training in the identification of Jamella leafhopper, leafhopper egg rafts and leaf stripping methods.  (more…)

NAIDOC Celebrated K’Gari Style

Eurong (place of rain) was the gathering place for recent NAIDOC celebrations hosted by QPWS Butchulla rangers who proudly organised an informative session and displayed an array of traditional hunting tools, beautifully painted implements, artefacts and local bush tucker for participants to enjoy. (more…)

Fraser Island WHA Indigenous Advisory Committee FINALIST in National Landcare Awards!

Vote now for the People's Choice Awards

Vote now for the People’s Choice Awards

The Recognising & Recording K’Gari’s (Fraser Island) Cultural Heritage project was initiated by the Fraser Island World Heritage Area Indigenous Advisory Committee in 2012 and was delivered by the Butchulla people and Aboriginal Rangers of Fraser Island.

Through strong partnerships, the project provided training to the Butchulla community, leading to additional cultural heritage sites being located including the highly significant Bogimbah Mission grave sites on this World Heritage listed property. The project has established closer ties between the Aboriginal Ranger team and Butchulla elders and broader engagement and stewardship by the Butchulla community with forums, field trips and newsletters.

Judging is currently underway with the announcements to be made at the National Landcare Conference and Gala Awards being held in Melbourne in September.  You can also vote for the Indigenous Advisory Committee in the People’s Choice Awards, just click on the icon.

Note: Although you are able to vote in every category, you don’t have to, so just look for the group in the Indigenous Land Corporation Indigenous Landcare Category.

Fraser Island Native Planting Guide

This handy planting guide has been developed to assist landholders and land managers on Fraser Island in selecting local native plant species for use in gardens and landscaping.


Diary from the FIDO Bush Regeneration & Monitoring Trip 15-21 Sept 2013

Thinking about getting involved on Fraser Island, then why not join one of our organised trips with either FIDO or CVA?  To get a feel of what you might experience during a week long volunteer trip check out John Sinclair’s Diary from his recent trip to Fraser Island. (more…)

Signage goes digital!

FINIA has led a number of communication initiatives over the years – starting with our Weed Information Shelters at Happy Valley and Eurong and the notice board at Orchid Beach. These were designed to provide a community space as well as information about some of the worst weed threats and our efforts to control them. (more…)

More Fraser Island Creepers

Fraser Island Creeper5By Michael Lowe
FINIA’s last newsletter featured a terrific article by David Anderson on the colourful and rare local native vine species, Fraser Island Creeper or Tecomanthe hillii. In this issue I will explore more of the Island’s ‘must have’ native vine species for local gardening, landscaping and bush regeneration projects.


FINIA-FIDO Caring for Country Weeding Trip Report

Michael Lowe
Through nothing less than luck, FIDO’s weed replacement team spent a relatively dry week operating in Eurong township from Feb 03-09 in between two significant wet weather events. The breif repreive in rainy skies allowed the team to continue the valuable work of removing weed species from around Eurong township, the resort and Second Valley. (more…)

FIDO Revving up Weed Replacement Operations at Eurong

John Sinclair, Fraser Island Defenders Organisation
During the past year FIDO has made an impressive impact in addressing the weeds at Eurong with three weeding weeks in the last year contributing 723 volunteer hours working on the problem in one of Fraser Island’s centres of weed infestation.

One of 17 trailer loads of weeds and garden waste that went to the Eurong waste transfer station during FIDO’s May weed replacement trip

One of 17 trailer loads of weeds and garden waste that went to the Eurong waste transfer station during FIDO’s May weed replacement trip


Better Beaches Training

Photo: Alana Kippers

Photo: Alana Kippers

This project builds on a previous initiative conducted by the Burnett Mary Regional Group and CQ University in 2007-8 to develop a Code of Practice for 4WDs on foreshores (primarily to protect turtles and shorebirds).

The Code was a highly successful engagement tool developed by regional 4WD clubs and non-club 4wders. The activity also empowered the participants with a new function, that of stewardship for the natural resources that they enjoy in this popular pastime.  (more…)