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Facing a Biodiversity Crisis

We are facing a biodiversity crisis. Since 1788, Australia has lost 30 mammal species and 29 bird species we had known and identified.


Celebrating Thirty Years of World Heritage

There is little doubt that the pathway to World Heritage for K’gari (Fraser Island) has been contentious. The colonial fight for K’gari started in 1770, when HMS Endeavour, carrying Lt James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks, scientist and sponsor for the trip, recorded the island.


K’gari Climate Adaptation Project

The K’gari Climate Adaptation Project (CAP) is a Butchulla-led co-design with NESP Climate Systems Hub and the Department of Environment and Science (DES). The project will integrate Butchulla ecological and cultural knowledge – informed by the best available climate science and knowledge of World Heritage values.


K’gari Research Symposium – K’gari towards 2050

The K’gari Research Symposium was held on Friday, 26 November, at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Fraser Coast Campus.


K’gari Symposium 2021 – Call for Posters

As the K’gari Symposium – Towards 2050 approaches (26 November) the organisers are seeking poster presentations from researchers, community groups and individuals who are working on projects related to K’gari. 


K’gari (Fraser Island) – the fire and the aftermath

On 14 October, campers in the Ngkala Rocks vicinity left an unextinguished campfire at their campsite in the North of the Island. A raging South Easter was blowing. The coals reignited, fanned by the wind, and the fire spread into the adjacent vegetation. That was the start of the calamity.


Where has K’gari’s rainfall gone?

Citizen science has an enormous amount to contribute, as recently demonstrated when a Darwin mechanic discovered a new planet.  Similarly, citizen science has a lot to contribute to our understanding of K’gari.  For example, the driest year on record caused my son Keith and I to go poring over rainfall records.  We thought that we would start with doing a detailed examination of Double Island Point, which is the closest place to the island with records going back for more than 100 years.  What we found astonished us; it was a revelation. (more…)