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K’gari Cleans Up After the Flood

In March, over 40 cubic metres of flood debris washed up on K’gari (Fraser Island) beaches as a result of flooding from northern NSW and South East Queensland.


FINIA Tour of K’gari

Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance (FINIA) is justifiably proud of its status as an inclusive alliance of stakeholders who share an interest in that wonderful sand island off Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach (increasingly known by its Butchulla name of K’gari).


The Dude with the White Gloves

It will always be known in our family as “the little dude with the white gloves”.  However, that description is unlikely to satisfy the entomologists among us.


Tiger Time

It’s eerily quiet on the island during the shutdown because of Covid-19. However, some small things keep us entertained during our isolation.


A Fitting Sign of the Times

Fraser Island paramedic Phil Switzer has received a farewell gift from Fraser Island (K’gari) that he can’t take with him.


Defying the dry and awaiting the wet

The prolonged dry spell on Fraser Island took its toll on vegetation …  but not on Guinea Grass (Megathyrsus maximus var. maximus)


Leave Only Footprints

Just south-west of Happy Valley there is a rarely-traversed sand dune called Mellong.


In the Spirit of Cooperation

It’s been a good season for weeds on Fraser Island. Some heavy falls of rain in June with regular showers for the rest of the month and into early July. Then the sun came out to encourage growth.


Getting Together on K’gari

FINIA was founded on K’gari in 2005 and meeting on the island at least once a year has become an important part of the group’s calendar.  Aside from the opportunity to spend some time looking at the issues and progress on-ground, it also provides an opportunity for us to renew our commitment to the island, share knowledge, meet new partners and discuss approaches as we face emerging challenges – like myrtle rust and visitor management.  The 2019 trip, held on 7-8 May, was no exception. 


A plant out of place – the Beach Almond

A weed, they say, is a plant out of place.  Well, the Beach almond (Terminalia catappa) a.k.a. Indian almond or Tropical almond is out of place on Fraser Island.  (more…)