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Feature Pest: Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Native to some parts of tropical western Africa (i.e. Zaire and northern Nigeria), mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) is regarded as an environmental weed in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, and as a “sleeper weed” in other parts of Australia.


Biosecurity Queensland and Sunshine Coast Regional Council target illegal weeds in backyard nurseries


A Clash of Cultures Kills K’gari Icon

K’gari is inscribed on the World Heritage list for three outstanding values.  One of these is its outstanding natural beauty.  However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and on K’gari there are two incompatible views of beauty when it comes to viewing the vegetation.  Where many find beauty in the bush, some see the natural ecosystems as untidy and messy.  Opposite views are even more pronounced in the urban areas where the rose garden mentality is in direct competition with the natural values that brought about K’gari’s World Heritage listing. (more…)

K’gari’s Great Plant Giveaway

In July, in a collaborative effort facilitated by FINIA, the Great Plant Giveaway was held at Eurong.  It offered stock raised in Eurong’s QPWS nursery by FIDO volunteers to be used by island property owners.  It was made clear that no plants could be removed from the island. (more…)

Give yourself a Weed Workout: Brazilian Cherry

Brazillian Cherry (Eugenia uniflora), an environmental weed, is a medium height shrub native to South America, Brazilian Cherry has a dense rounded habit with oval leaves, pointed tips and red new growth.  It grows 3-6m tall and forms dense stands outcompeting native plants. (more…)

Garden Escapee from Africa and Asia: Glory Lily

The Glory Lily (Gloriosa superba) is a perennial herb with climbing stems up to 4m that die off over winter, with long lived underground tubers.   (more…)

Fraser Island Native Planting Guide

This handy planting guide has been developed to assist landholders and land managers on Fraser Island in selecting local native plant species for use in gardens and landscaping.


More Fraser Island Creepers

Fraser Island Creeper5By Michael Lowe
FINIA’s last newsletter featured a terrific article by David Anderson on the colourful and rare local native vine species, Fraser Island Creeper or Tecomanthe hillii. In this issue I will explore more of the Island’s ‘must have’ native vine species for local gardening, landscaping and bush regeneration projects.


A Colourful Fraser Island

Fraser Island Creeper5David Anderson, Fraser Island Association
In numerous attempts to “sell” the idea of Fraser Island native plants to replace exotics in gardens around Eurong, I have been met with the same plea from a number of land owners: “Can we get plants with colour?” (more…)

FIDO Revving up Weed Replacement Operations at Eurong

John Sinclair, Fraser Island Defenders Organisation
During the past year FIDO has made an impressive impact in addressing the weeds at Eurong with three weeding weeks in the last year contributing 723 volunteer hours working on the problem in one of Fraser Island’s centres of weed infestation.

One of 17 trailer loads of weeds and garden waste that went to the Eurong waste transfer station during FIDO’s May weed replacement trip

One of 17 trailer loads of weeds and garden waste that went to the Eurong waste transfer station during FIDO’s May weed replacement trip