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Sandy Cape Turtle Monitoring Program 2022-3


FINIA Field Trip 2023

May 4th and 5th were the dates of this year’s FINIA annual tour of K’gari. Each year FINIA aims to have one two-day meeting on K’gari. FINIA is a community-based partnership dedicated to the protection of the K’gari World Heritage Area’s natural integrity and ecological assets to help ensure that all stakeholders are successfully cooperating in caring for K’gari.


FINIA Annual Field Trip 2022

From May 26 to 27, FINIA members participated in their annual two-day Field Trip to K’gari.


FINIA Tour of K’gari

Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance (FINIA) is justifiably proud of its status as an inclusive alliance of stakeholders who share an interest in that wonderful sand island off Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach (increasingly known by its Butchulla name of K’gari).


FINIA is all about Helping Hands

Late last year, FINIA joined the University of Queensland’s Cane Toad Challenge (CTC).


Notes from Sandy Cape Lighthouse

When you are a volunteer caretaker at Sandy Cape Lighthouse, your notebook tends to look a little different to a regular diary of appointments and reminders.   


Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Management Advisory Group

The Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Management Advisory Group (RMAG) aims to acknowledge the GSS as an outstanding example of a sand passage estuary in a relatively undisturbed state and implement actions to monitor, mitigate and prevent both current and emerging threats to its ecological character.


In it for the long term – the Sandy Cape Lighthouse Weeding Program

Lighthouse keepers manned Sandy Cape Lighthouse between 1870 and 1997. Like many lighthouses in remote locations, supplies came in, but nothing left the site, with rubbish dumped ‘over the hill.’  With only tank water, hardy plants were introduced by keepers. Many of these survived and escaped, spreading out over 1Km radius.


Marine Turtle Nest Relocation, Predation and Population Survey – Sandy Cape 2019-20


Round Island Weeding Update

Round Island is managed by Fraser Coast Regional Council.  Because of the island’s close proximity to the mainland, it is frequently visited by both locals and tourists.

Two trips (26 July & 23 September 2016) have been made to Round Island this year, the first by two council officers, twelve Lower Mary River Landcare (LMRL) members and community volunteers and a group of twelve from Conservation Volunteers Australia. The second trip included council officers and volunteers with chemical spray certificates (AC/DC) as the trip targeted weeds that required chemical treatment.

These one-day weeding efforts, conducted over the last 4 years, have resulted in a highly significant benefit to this very small, coral sand island of dunal system environment. With the assistance of Juliet Musgrave, her skills and knowledge, the identification of some of the native plants (e.g. Octopus Bush) on Round Island demonstrates that this area is the overlap of vegetation zones on the coast between sub-tropical and tropical. To date, more than 30 native plants have been identified and registered, and the list grows each visit the group makes. (more…)