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A Recipe for a Disaster?

What did we learn from the March SEQ flood event and the K’gari cleanup?


K’gari Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy

Fraser Coast Regional Council is developing a Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy for K’gari (Fraser Island), which aspires to protect and conserve the world-heritage and cultural values of the island through sustainable waste practices.


Orchid Beach Wongari (Dingo) Deterrent Fence

In response to recent high-risk dingo activity in Orchid Beach, an additional dingo-deterrent fence spanning nearly six kilometres will be constructed around the township.


K’gari Research Symposium – K’gari towards 2050

The K’gari Research Symposium was held on Friday, 26 November, at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Fraser Coast Campus.


What did we learn? The K’gari Bushfire Review

In late May, the Inspector-General Emergency Management’s review report and the government’s response to the K’gari (Fraser Island) bushfires were tabled in State Parliament. The government response states that all 38 of the report’s recommendations were supported or supported in principle.


Happy Valley Community Planning Day

The Bushfire Event of 7 December 2020 demonstrated how a resilient community working together with a well-conceived plan could achieve outcomes against all odds.


Biosecurity Planning for Conservation: K’gari Case Study

Identifying the best management strategies for keeping new invasive pests and diseases out of K’gari can be mindbogglingly difficult.  Some pests are more likely to arrive than others, but the damage they’ll do might be less. 


Great Sandy Marine Park Zoning Plan Opportunities

After 12 years, the Great Sandy Marine Park Zoning Plan is finally being reviewed.


Draft Great Sandy Management Plan

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) developed the Values-Based Management Framework (VBMF), an adaptive management process, to manage the state’s diverse protected area estate. (more…)

Time, Tide and Tourism Fraser Island (K’gari) Conference

FIDO’s 7th Biennial Conference, to be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday 16 August, is intended to be complementary to a Fraser Island Symposium being organised by the University of the Sunshine Coast and being held at USC’s Fraser Coast Campus in November.  FIDO’s conference is targeted more at laypersons with a special interest in Fraser Island, while the USC Symposium will appeal to a more academic audience.