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K’gari Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy

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Fraser Coast Regional Council is developing a Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy for K’gari (Fraser Island), which aspires to protect and conserve the world-heritage and cultural values of the island through sustainable waste practices.

The Strategy will be developed in partnership with key stakeholders such as Butchulla elders and island tourism operators to ensure a holistic and coordinated approach.

The Strategy’s Consultation Group met for the first time on 13 December 2021 (Photo: FCRC)

“The Strategy will guide the allocation of funds and the timing of projects to improve waste management and resource recovery from the island.  It’s about providing clear direction to ensure waste is managed to minimise environmental impact and to protect the island,” Councillor David Lee said.

“The island is a major tourism and recreation hotspot, and we don’t want it smothered under a layer of rubbish.

“Council coordinates waste services for the residents in the villages while the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service looks after services for the thousands of tourists who flock to the island each year.

“The new strategy aspires to achieve a fit for purpose waste and resource recovery service that will improve on current practices and align with both Butchulla lore (what is good for the land comes first) and the Fraser Coast Waste Strategy 2019-2029.”

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government under the Australian Heritage Grants Program 2020-21.

A consultation group, which includes representatives from the Butchulla people, residents, the tourism industry, groups providing services, operations, or maintenance of the island, has been formed and met for the first time in mid-December.

Council also called for feedback from visitors and Fraser Coast residents through a survey that closed on January 25 (with FINIA members also encouraged to participate via email).

It is anticipated that the final Strategy will be presented to Council for adoption in August 2022.

Article contributed by Edward Brown, Fraser Coast Regional Council 

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