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Portable Toilets Mandatory for Teewah Beach

A new portable waste facility has been installed, and portable toilets are now mandatory at Teewah Beach due to human waste being inappropriately disposed of in the area’s natural environment.


K’gari World Heritage Discovery Centre Opens

The K’gari World Heritage Area Discovery Centre at Kingfisher Bay Resort is now open! The Centre aims to provide a dynamic, non-commercial learning experience that engages adults and children visiting the island.


Keeping K’gari’s Dingoes (Wongari) People-Safe!

Dingoes are one of the many icons of K’gari-Fraser Island – and one that attracts a fair amount of debate and interest. So, what are the facts about the island’s dingoes?


Community Views to Help Inform Bushfire Review

The views and experiences of community members, businesses and tourist operators are being sought as part of a review underway into recent bushfire events on K’gari (Fraser Island).


K’gari (Fraser Island) CLOSED to all visitors due to COVID-19

Currently applies until 31 May 2020

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing and essential travel requirements, travel to K’gari (Fraser Island) is restricted to island community residents, resort caretakers, island businesses and those providing essential services until further notice. This is a necessary precaution to safeguard the health and safety of the local community.


Essential Services within the Great Sandy Area K’gari (Fraser Island) National Park

Unless you’ve been in outer space or 20,000 leagues under the sea, COVID-19 has affected everyone including the day to day work of all Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service & Partnerships (QPWS&P) personnel, from the city to the regional offices and remote areas of K’gari. As isolation measures continued around the country, the QPWS&P offices, campgrounds and day-use areas have been closed for public safety against this deadly and economically devastating virus.


USC Student Assisting FINIA

USC Technology and Innovation in Tourism, Leisure and Events student, Beau Ivey is currently working on a FINIA-nominated ‘industry’ project to help us re-design our barge video. 


Great Sandy Marine Park Zoning Plan Opportunities

After 12 years, the Great Sandy Marine Park Zoning Plan is finally being reviewed.


What to do if you get stung by an Irukandji?

Recently it was confirmed that an Irukandji jellyfish has been found off the west coast of K’gari. There have also been other suspected stings further down the coast. People visiting this area and across the broader marine environment should be extra vigilant about their personal safety. This extra care is particularly important for those operating vessels, diving or snorkelling. (more…)

Helping to Build the GSS Research Fund

As part of its fundraising efforts to build the Research Fund, FIDO is offering a series of Cruises in the Strait to enable people to have a personal experience of Great Sandy Strait.  (more…)