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4WD Clubs Help Clean-up K’gari

4WD QLD volunteers have been cleaning up K’gari (Fraser Island) since 2001. 


Beach Clean-Up Efforts Continue

Every tide brings more plastic treasures in with It. Led by Hana and Mark Robinson, the K’gari Adventures team collects the beach’s marine debris daily.


FINIA Annual Field Trip 2022

From May 26 to 27, FINIA members participated in their annual two-day Field Trip to K’gari.


A Recipe for a Disaster?

What did we learn from the March SEQ flood event and the K’gari cleanup?


K’gari Cleans Up After the Flood

In March, over 40 cubic metres of flood debris washed up on K’gari (Fraser Island) beaches as a result of flooding from northern NSW and South East Queensland.


Tackling Litter and Marine Debris on K’gari

In 2021, funded through a Queensland Community Sustainability Action Grant, The Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers (BLSR) commenced the Butchulla Country – Marine Debris Clean-Up Project.