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Beach Clean-Up Efforts Continue

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Every tide brings more plastic treasures in with It. Led by Hana and Mark Robinson, the K’gari Adventures team collects the beach’s marine debris daily.

On top of building their guiding tour offerings back up after the devastation of the pandemic lockdowns, the team still managed to get out on the beach every day to pick rubbish up off the beach. Talk about dedication. Sadly, you don’t need to wander very far before you spot the rainbow of colours in the plastics spread out along the shoreline.

Guests picking up microplastics during their K’gari Adventure tour (Photo: K’gari Adventures)

The total of rubbish collected is now over 40 tonnes, and that’s just the stuff that has been weighed. In March, K’gari Adventures, Fraser Experience Tours, Fraser Explorer Tours and Dilli Village helped support more than 255 volunteers to come to the island to clean up. They collected almost 20 tonnes in 10 days, along with some local residents who also helped and provided logistical support. QPWS assisted with permitting subsidies and rangers on the ground. Operation Community Beach Clean Up was a great success.

Following the success of the Community Beach Clean Up and after assessing the ongoing need for voluntourism projects on K’gari, K’gari Adventures, with the assistance of Adventure Queensland and the Fraser Island Tourism Association, are now seeking to raise funding for these events. K’gari Adventures have already secured sponsorship from Zero Co for 12 days of cleaning by over 100 volunteers to be on K’gari this year.

Article contributed by Hana Robinson, K’gari Adventures

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  1. Zela Bissett says:

    what a great effort!

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