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Quarantine – it’s more than just weeds!

I always thought I was fairly environmentally aware, but recently I have had my eyes opened to more than the issue introducing weeds to K’gari.  When not in use, FIDO’s Land Cruiser is stored in Brisbane.  I was shocked when I went down to put stuff in it that it was crawling with ants.


Lessons from Other World Heritage sites: Japan

I have to insist to my disbelieving family and others that my trip to Japan is not a holiday but really is a study tour and part of my quest to see what can be learnt in how other World Heritage sites are being managed.  I am particularly interested in island World Heritage sites and I have already visited two of Japan’s natural World Heritage sites that are islands, Yakushima and Ogasawara.  However, the latest World Heritage nomination of four island’s in the chain of small islands stretched out in an arc between the southern island and Taiwan that includes the Okinawa archipelago is of special interest.


Irresponsible Pet Owners Impact K’gari Wildlife

A recent rise in reports and images of domestic dogs on K’gari has prompted Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service along with concerned stakeholders to release media requests asking all visitors to leave their dogs at home when they visit World Heritage listed Fraser Island (K’gari).


Time, Tide and Tourism Conference

Never underestimate the power of sharing knowledge – especially when it comes to a World Heritage property.

One hundred people attended the 7th Biennial (Time, Tide and Tourism) Conference at the University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs in August.  Like the previous six conferences there was much informal interaction between the attendees, all of whom have a strong interest in K’gari.  While some of the issues discussed such as managing K’gari’s invasive species are perennial topics, it was helpful for the audience to gain an insight into the progress being made and the on-going effort required.  (more…)

World Heritage Lessons from Overseas: Sri Lanka

One of the exciting things about travelling, is the opportunity to visit the ‘best of the best’ – World Heritage properties, overseas.  I was privileged to spend two weeks in Sri Lanka last month and visited a number of world heritage and other sites representing both natural and cultural heritage.

So, what were the key lessons that could be applied to an Australian model? (more…)

Postans’ Logging Camp Revisited

A visit to Postans’ Logging Camp by the Fraser Island World Heritage Advisory Committees in early March was a glimpse for many into the logging heritage of Fraser Island (K’gari).  John Sinclair relates his memories of Postans in the 1950’s.

My first real opportunity to explore Fraser Island came to me in January 1958. This was my first time to visit Postans Camp.  I was helping to trans-ship a load of recycled timber for Maryborough builder Len McConnell (aka Rockem) to the Poyungan Valley on the “Back Beach.”  Rockem had chartered Andrew Postans to take the timber from Urangan to and across the island to his house under construction. Rockem needed labour and I needed a break from service station work prior to returning to Gatton College.


Ships Ahoy! Research to Focus on Cruise Tourism

Cruise tourism has witnessed unprecedented growth rates amidst greater interest in terms of new destinations and ships with an impressive array of features. There is some agreement within industry that the sector is likely to continue its growth trajectory given that many cruise tourists are sold to the idea of all-inclusive and value-based pricing strategies employed by many operators. (more…)

Visiting Chinese World Heritage Sites

China has many more World Heritage sites than does Australia. Most, like the Forbidden City, Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, are cultural sites. However, it also has a number of outstanding natural World Heritage sites. With a population exceeding a billion people, who are rapidly gaining greater affluence and the means to travel more widely, there is huge pressure on these World Heritage sites and many lessons that K’gari can benefit from in how this tidal wave of visitation is being handled.  (more…)