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ECO-LOGO-Stack-COLOUR-v1-SmallECOllaboration is an Australian company based in Nambour, Queensland providing professional support in:

Ecological and Environmental Services;
Environmental Education;
Stakeholder Liaison; and
Community Development.

The ECOllaboration team consists of environmental professionals and administration staff with a passion for the environment and sustainability. We take pride in the vast experience, extensive knowledge and broad range of skills of our staff and ensure this expertise is used to manage client satisfaction and environmental outcomes. Our team of experts has over 30 years combined experience in the delivery of environmental management projects. ECOllaboration has a proven track record of successful and timely completion of high quality projects due to excellent communication leading to a clear understanding of client requirements, resulting in the best environmental outcomes. Our key competitive advantage is the ability to integrate this wide range of skills into complete solutions. This, coupled with vast experience in our areas of expertise, makes us ideally positioned to provide our customers with tried and tested solutions and sound advice. We are renowned for our innovative and economic environmental services, providing the right balance between efficiency, cost effectiveness and scientific rigour. This will ensure that our work is robust, economic and appropriate.

In 2014/15, ECOllaboration partnered with Queensland National Parks to deliver and expand existing volunteer programs across parks and forests in South East Queensland.  This collaboration saw ECOllaboration recruit, train and manage volunteers for an estimated 20,000 hours of new volunteer and voluntourism projects that assisted front-line management of parks.

ECOllaboration, with our extensive experience in providing natural resource management volunteering services in South East Queensland, developed volunteer projects involving weed removal and revegetation, maintaining walking trails and multi-use trails, and asset maintenance. We also provided campground hosting at Fraser Island.  ECOllaboration is currently developing new voluntourism opportunities for Fraser Island.

For more information, please contact ECOllaboration on (07) 5476 4777 or email info@ecollaboration.org.au



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