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Happy Valley weeds on the run, but the battle never ends!

Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (FIDO) started attacking weeds at Happy Valley as far back as 2006. Peter Shooter first went there with a group of volunteers from Greening Australia in 2006, under the leadership of Andrew Sinclair. He recalls removing vast amounts of Easter cassia (Senna pendula var. glabrata) and umbrella trees (Schefflera actinophylla) around the village.


Happy Valley Community Planning Day

The Bushfire Event of 7 December 2020 demonstrated how a resilient community working together with a well-conceived plan could achieve outcomes against all odds.


Zero Chemical Weed Management Project

Over the last two working bees, Fraser Coast Regional Council Community Environment Program volunteers and staff have contributed a total of 199 hours of work in Happy Valley.  (more…)

Happy Valley Weeding Trip

Held between the 5 and 11 August 2018, none Fraser Island Defender Organisation (FIDO) volunteers worked a minimum of four hours per person per day, contributing a total in excess of 180 hours. (more…)