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Over the last two working bees, Fraser Coast Regional Council Community Environment Program volunteers and staff have contributed a total of 199 hours of work in Happy Valley. 

CEPVolunteersDuring both working bees, volunteers along with FCRC staff worked intensively on our FCRC CEP sites.  Boardwalk Green Panic (Panicum maximum var. trichoglume) was trimmed along the length of the boardwalk, around to the carpark and toilet block. Painted spurge Euphorbia cyathophora removed from along Happy Valley Drive, Postan St and the area below helipad. Along the boardwalk, the very dry conditions had exposed single Abrus precatorius subsp africanus seeds that originated from the vines we worked in 2014.

For the first time there were domestic tomato plants Solanum lycopersicum scattered some distance along the boardwalk from the SE beginning of the Green Panic (Panicum maximum var. trichoglume) section to just before halfway along. All were removed and fruit collected (just fruited). Thousands of Abrus precatorius subsp africanus seedlings, along with some seed pods and single seeds were removed from the follow-up sites next to fence below the helipad and up to the top of the ridge and along to the NW edge of our work area and to the SE 20m beyond the gen shed on Warry St.

The team also carried out follow up removal of Easter cassia, Senna pendula var.glabrata, small broad-leaved pepper tree, Schinus terrbinthifolius, Brazilian nightshade, Solanum seaforthianum, morning glory, Ipomea indica, domestic passionfruit, Passiflora edulis, corky passion vine, Passiflora suberosa, mile a minute, Ipomoea cairica, Singapore daisy, Sphagneticola trilobata and lantana, Lantana camara.

Report prepared by Bree Jashin, Team Leader

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