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World Heritage Lessons from Overseas: Sri Lanka

One of the exciting things about travelling, is the opportunity to visit the ‘best of the best’ – World Heritage properties, overseas.  I was privileged to spend two weeks in Sri Lanka last month and visited a number of world heritage and other sites representing both natural and cultural heritage.

So, what were the key lessons that could be applied to an Australian model? (more…)

We’re going to be archived!

In March 2017, FINIA was contacted by the State Library of Queensland for permission to archive the  FINIA Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance website https://finia.org.au/

The State Library of Queensland aims to build a comprehensive collection of Queensland publications to ensure the availability of our documentary heritage both now and in the future.  The State Library’s commitment to preserving the documentary heritage of our state extends to contemporary electronic resources, including online publications and websites of lasting significance.  This is achieved through participation in PANDORA, Australia’s web archive. (more…)

Postans’ Logging Camp Revisited

A visit to Postans’ Logging Camp by the Fraser Island World Heritage Advisory Committees in early March was a glimpse for many into the logging heritage of Fraser Island (K’gari).  John Sinclair relates his memories of Postans in the 1950’s.

My first real opportunity to explore Fraser Island came to me in January 1958. This was my first time to visit Postans Camp.  I was helping to trans-ship a load of recycled timber for Maryborough builder Len McConnell (aka Rockem) to the Poyungan Valley on the “Back Beach.”  Rockem had chartered Andrew Postans to take the timber from Urangan to and across the island to his house under construction. Rockem needed labour and I needed a break from service station work prior to returning to Gatton College.