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Celebrating Thirty Years of World Heritage

There is little doubt that the pathway to World Heritage for K’gari (Fraser Island) has been contentious. The colonial fight for K’gari started in 1770, when HMS Endeavour, carrying Lt James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks, scientist and sponsor for the trip, recorded the island.


K’gari World Heritage Discovery Centre Opens

The K’gari World Heritage Area Discovery Centre at Kingfisher Bay Resort is now open! The Centre aims to provide a dynamic, non-commercial learning experience that engages adults and children visiting the island.


In it for the long term – the Sandy Cape Lighthouse Weeding Program

Lighthouse keepers manned Sandy Cape Lighthouse between 1870 and 1997. Like many lighthouses in remote locations, supplies came in, but nothing left the site, with rubbish dumped ‘over the hill.’  With only tank water, hardy plants were introduced by keepers. Many of these survived and escaped, spreading out over 1Km radius.


The people of Fraser Island: Working through 250 years of racial double coding

I am from the Wondunna Clan of the Badtjala nation. Our traditional country is the region encompassing all of Fraser Island. On the mainland, our traditional boundaries extend from Double Island Point in the south, to Bauple Mountain in the west and the mouth of the Burrum River in the north. We speak as a sovereign nation as our rights have not been ceded.


The Great Sandy Island History – K’gari (Fraser Island)

The documented early history of the people of the Great Sandy Island is incomplete and always open to debate and discussion.