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K’gari World Heritage Discovery Centre Opens

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The K’gari World Heritage Area Discovery Centre at Kingfisher Bay Resort is now open! The Centre aims to provide a dynamic, non-commercial learning experience that engages adults and children visiting the island.

Members of the local community gathered at Kingfisher Bay Resort, to celebrate this joint initiative of the Sealink Fraser Island and the University of the Sunshine Coast and supported by the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC, Fraser Coast Regional Council, Fraser Island Defenders Organisation, and Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance.

The Centre was officially opened by Clr. George Seymour, Mayor Fraser Coast Council, on 1 March 2021.

  • Mike West (FIDO) and Marc Dargusch (QPWS) enjoying the new displays at the K'gari World Heritage Discovery Centre with David Hay
  • Dr Kim Walker and Duncan Thompson (USC) with honoured guest Su (Tokiko) Dawson, partner of the late Dr John Sinclair AO, and Moyra McRae (QPWS)

The Centre is based on four key themes:

  • Exceptional natural beauty (World Heritage List criterion vii)
  • Significant ongoing geological processes (World Heritage List criterion viii)
  • Significant ongoing biological processes (World Heritage List criterion ix)
  • Conservation of this amazing place

The Centre now plays a central role in the development of comprehensive interpretive education for the island. In the future, it will link to, and direct, visitors to the planned K’gari Butchulla Cultural Centre at Central Station. Further interpretation is planned for Dilli Village.

Support and assistance was provided by the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation, USC students, Peter Meyer and the Fraser Island World Heritage Unit. Many of the photos are from the John Sinclair Collection (held by USC’s K’gari-Fraser Island Research Archive), the Fraser Island World Heritage photo competition, Luke Barrowcliffe (on behalf of the BAC), Ian “Long Nose” Morris, Peter Meyer and Clare McKay (USC staff). USC students provided the artwork.

If you are visiting K’gari, don’t forget to pop in and check out the new Centre which is FREE to all visitors.

Contributed by Kim Walker, University of the Sunshine Coast

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