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Better Beaches Training

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Photo: Alana Kippers

Photo: Alana Kippers

This project builds on a previous initiative conducted by the Burnett Mary Regional Group and CQ University in 2007-8 to develop a Code of Practice for 4WDs on foreshores (primarily to protect turtles and shorebirds).

The Code was a highly successful engagement tool developed by regional 4WD clubs and non-club 4wders. The activity also empowered the participants with a new function, that of stewardship for the natural resources that they enjoy in this popular pastime. 

In addition to the series of documents and fact sheets, The “Better Beaches Training Program” has been developed by P7Offroad – Accredited Offroad Driver Training, the practical program includes both on beach and off beach delivery focusing on strategies and techniques which can be employed by recreational and commercial 4WD beach users. The project is supported by the Burnett Mary Regional Group for NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country.