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Better Beaches participants February 2012

Better Beaches participants February 2012

All FINIA members that participated in the “Better Beaches” 4WD training agreed that they took something away from the day. For Sue Sargent – the concept of allowing the engine and not momentum to get you in and out of a situation was a take home message. “Dave reminded us that if you speed into a problem, you’ll end up getting bogged. If you drive in – you can always reverse out – simple, but brilliant!” Sue added.

Since 4WD’s are the preferred mode of transport on Fraser Island this type of training is not only beneficial to the drivers behind the wheel but also to the preservation of the beaches, fore dunes and sand tracks on Fraser Island. This was the second training session that had been offered free of charge by Dave Darmody and FINIA extend their appreciation to him for his time and expertise.

For more information on Dave’s training business, please contact Dave on 0417 761 610 or check out the website www.p7offroad.com.au