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FINIA-FIDO Caring for Country Weeding Trip Report

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Michael Lowe
Through nothing less than luck, FIDO’s weed replacement team spent a relatively dry week operating in Eurong township from Feb 03-09 in between two significant wet weather events. The breif repreive in rainy skies allowed the team to continue the valuable work of removing weed species from around Eurong township, the resort and Second Valley.

As on previous weeding trips, work proceeded from Easton Street opposite ‘Talinga’ and ‘Weroona’ houses and continued along the dingo fence beyond the Council toilet block and towards the exit ramp leaving from the back of Eurong. Seeding annual weeds were targeted, bagged and diposed of from both vegetated areas and lawns. Other species removed were Mossman River Grass, Crow’s Foot Grass, Panic Grass, Pangola Grass, Portulaca, Siratro, Corky Passion Vine, Stingking Passion Vine, Wild Passionfruit, Brazillian Nightshade, Prickly Pear, Khaki Burr, Purple Splash, one chilli bush and a pumpkin vine. Coral Creeper was in the process of setting seed and removed from between the toilet block and opposite the end of the tennis courts. Its northward spread beyond the dingo fence was marked at the top of the dune in November 2012 and has moved by up to 5m of that point since then. There is still a significant amount of Coral Creeper to be removed from the back of the resort along the dingo fence.

In the Second Valley, greenwaste dump piles were targeted for removal and the last of a number of fruiting Brazilian Cherries on road reserve were cut and painted. A Rubber Tree growing in front of the Fire Station was identified by a participant from New South Wales and removed. Other species removed from around green waste piles were Madeira Vine, Mother-of-millions, Stagger Weed and Painted Spurge.

The spread of Brazilian Cherries has been noted on previous trips beyond Second Valley and the opportunity was taken to remove half a dozen seedlings growing between the refuse tip and the exit ramp from Eurong. Another seedling was noted north of the dingo fence beyond water tanks and a disused dump site.

The Eurong demonstration gardens planted in November 2011 were attended to with mainly couch grass removed from the roundabout garden. Some native seed was collected from trees, shrubs, grasses and vines at Eurong including Coastal Cyprus, Soap Tree and Scrambling Lily and were taken to the Parks nursery to be propagated for the project.

FIDO’s next weeding trips will be March 10-16, April 21-27 and the final Caring for Country weed replacement trip from 26 May – 01 June. For more information contact Michael Lowe on 0412 119 719 or email maitree074@hotmail.com