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Signage goes digital!

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FINIA has led a number of communication initiatives over the years – starting with our Weed Information Shelters at Happy Valley and Eurong and the notice board at Orchid Beach. These were designed to provide a community space as well as information about some of the worst weed threats and our efforts to control them.

2_Welcome to our Country_RevDuneLast year, a number of the FINIA members collaborated on the Demonstration Garden at Eurong and this was complemented by signage and a flyer that is being developed by Fraser Coast Regional Council.

But members decided there were lots more ways, without signage, that we could use to deliver our messages to a broader group of Fraser Island stakeholders.  Starting with a blank slate and a few key themes of dingo safety, slowing down for shorebirds and reducing the spread of weeds, students from the University of the Sunshine Coast were asked to develop up a poster or PowerPoint presentation around one of the themes.  Their efforts were then considered by a panel of FINIA members and the very best adapted for our audience – visitors to Fraser Island.

In total, three student presentations from Jenna Brown (focusing on our shorebirds), Maree Clancy (the menace of weeds) and Allannah Wigg (keeping dingoes safe)  made the final cut, along with a welcome to country from K’Gari’s Traditional Owners – the Butchulla people, and an overview on FINIA.  These have now been installed as a trial with a screen being installed on the Fraser Venture operating three times daily between Wanggoolba Creek and River Heads (courtesy of Fraser Island Barges).  Initial feedback has been encouraging with positive comments from both barge staff and visitors alike.  The medium is easy to use and can be updated regularly to deliver seasonal messages in an image-rich format.

We’d like to thank the University of the Sunshine Coast students for their efforts and lecturer, Dr Alison Shapcott, for her ongoing support.  Add this to the can-do spirit of FIDO, cooperation of David Hay and a small Caring for our Country grant from the Burnett Mary Regional Group, we have an innovative product that will reach an audience of literally hundreds of thousands of visitors on an annual basis.

Check out the presentation in the gallery below or in its slide show format on your next visit to Fraser Island and let us know your thoughts on how we could improve it.