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Diary for FIDO Fraser Island Bush Regeneration and Monitoring 15-21 September 2103

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The group logged up an aggregate of 225 voluntary hour of work made up of :

Bush Regeneration (weed elimination & replacement):         166

Monitoring (establishment and refinement of monitoring stations to asses the volume and impact of sediment movement from roads):                           59

Total:                                                                                       225

The group planted out about 130 plants with about 70 from the Kingfisher nursery and 60 from the QPWS Eurong nursery.

All known Easter Cassias have now been eliminated from the Eurong area.  The only remaining fruiting Brazilian cherries are located on one private block that we haven’t been allowed access to.  We discovered another woody tree weed, Luecaena that has now been eliminated and except for one block we are in control of Eurong’s woody weeds.

According to the SVC study Eurong was the most heavily visited site on Fraser Island and it is deemed important that it should be well presented and maintained. The progressive transformation of the Eurong Resort is continuing with the elimination of exotics and their replacement with natives.  Conspicuously the potted Mother-in-Law’s-Tongues at the entrance to the resort have been replaced with Foxtails.

The volunteers also installed additional monitoring devices to better assess the impact on the roads from sediment movement and the impact on the areas being inundated with sediment washed from the roads.  This is aimed at being able to capture any new data from the anticipated summer rainfall events.

It was an exceptional and productive week of work on all fronts from an enthusiastic, energetic and competent team of volunteers.


Miles Pritchett and Skye Mattaie (Tugun)

Tony and Margaret King (Noosa)

Greg Orr (Mermaid Beach)

Liz Dyer (Byron Bay)

Yoka Dolman (Petrie)

Su Dawson (Camp Hill)

John Sinclair Fearless Leader (Coorparoo)