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FIDO Bush Regeneration Trip

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Start 16-05-2014 End : 23-05-2014

We are aiming at a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work during the week.

Each day we will endeavour to visit different parts of the island for walks, talks, swims, sightseeing etc.

This project is run on a not for profit basis. All tools, accommodation, food, transport (to and from Brisbane or Sunshine Coast in 4WD vehicle) and island tours are provided.

John Sinclair, FIDO Honorary Project Officer  

It is planned to leave Brisbane (Camp Hill) at 8.00 am on the Sunday morning and collect people by prior arrangement on our way north to Maryborough.

Rendezvous locations and times will be finalised once full composition of the team is known probably during the week before departure.  Our objective is to catch the 4.00 pm ferry from Mary River Heads arriving at Wanggoolba Creek at 4.45pm and at Eurong at 5.30.  It will be a steady trip as we will have a heavily loaded 4WD and trailer.  (Apart from carrying the gear, we need the trailer for cleaning up work when we get there, specifically taking rubbish to the dump.)

Return to Brisbane
We aim to leave Eurong by 8.00 am to catch the 9.30 am ferry to Mary River Heads.  We expect to be delivering people to the Sunshine Coast in the early afternoon and Brisbane by 5.30 pm depending on traffic and events.

Share accommodation is provided by FIDO, at ‘”Weroona” and / or “Talinga”, Eurong, Fraser Island.  Both houses are fully furnished and each has enough room for 8 people. They are spacious and comfortable but basic.  Each has a full kitchen, living area and an outdoor BBQ area, but no TV.  These houses have had a Sinclair family connection since “Talinga”,  was built in 1965.  You can see details at:http://www.fraserislandholidaylodges.com.au/

FIDO asks that all volunteers on this program contribute $200 towards the cost of transport and food.  This small price for a wonderful week on Fraser Island doing good work can be deposited in FIDO’s Bank account.  See details below.   

Volunteer Work  
We are aiming at a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work during the week.   We are particularly focussing on a two part project during this week.   FIDO pioneered weeding operations on Fraser Island and has been carrying out weeding operations in Eurong for more than a decade.

Apart from the township weeding and gardening we will also be addressing principally a Weed of National Significance (WONS) lantana within the very large township reserve.  While this weed is almost under control, further maintenance work is needed.  We will also be addressing other serious environmental weeds that will be identified in the process of our work but lantana is our main focus.

Efforts will be made to ensure work is conducted in a safe manner – breaks, water, work in the shade and working to our abilities will be our aim! 

The other part of this project is to monitor the impacts to the natural integrity of Fraser Island.  This will be done by visual and photographic recording  during the course of the week. 

It is planned to allow ample time to explore parts of the island.  This trip is not all about pulling weeds and working hard!  Nobody knows Fraser Island better than John Sinclair and he is keen to show as much of it off as possible.  Each day we will endeavour to visit different parts of the island for walks, talks, swims, sightseeing etc. It may be that we will alter the working time during the day to fit in with the tide times so that we can visit a good variety of places over the week. There may be days that we pack our lunch and head off for more than just a few hours.

All of the shopping for the food will be completed before departure. Please advise of any special dietary requirements (allergies etc.) and preferences for toast or cereal, tea or coffee etc. so this can be taken into consideration when planning meals and shopping. Alcohol can be purchased from the Eurong Resort for (higher than) normal prices.

Registration and Payment
All participants are expected to contribute $200 to help cover the cost of food, fuel and accommodation. Payment is required to confirm booking. Please deposit this directly to Commonwealth Bank Account (please advise us if you would like to pay by cash or cheque):

Account Name: Fraser Island Defenders Organisation .

BSB: 064-007                    

Account Number: 0090 2881

Please then Email or post confirmation of payment with your Application Form to

john@sinclair.org.au or at the above address so that your place can be reserved.

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