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Engaging K’Gari’s Next Generation

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For those of you that check the FINIA website regularly, you may have noticed not only articles from John Sinclair, but the occasional children’s story as well.

Based around John’s experiences, the stories feature familiar landscapes, animals and even characters from Fraser Island (K’Gari), usually with a family-friendly moral or environmental message to share.

So far, on the website, you can find:

  • Stowaway Antics – the story of some suburban ants who hitch a ride to Fraser Island.
  • Wilflie’s War on Weeds – where Wilfie takes on Fraser Island’s woody weeds in a valley to earn money for his scout group.
  • The Last Easter Cassia – where competitive mates Jacob and Herbie compete to find and remove Eurong’s last Easter cassia.

And there are more to come! Keep your eyes open over December for Happy Birthday Grandpa (about monitoring on Fraser Island), Itty Bitty and Teeny Weeny (about the Jamella leafhopper and its biocontrol agent – the Aphanomerus wasp) and Snow White – the K’Gari Bandicoot.

Submissions of children’s stories are always welcome, so if you have any stories that you would like to see published, please send them through to our Editor and Social Media Coordinator, Kellyanne Martin.

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