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Council Seeks Feedback on Fraser Island Waste Transfer Stations

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Fraser Coast Regional Council is seeking community interest in how we can better manage the Council operated transfer stations on Fraser Island.  As part of their community engagement, they recently conducted a mail out to local residents, ratepayers, and businesses.

Fraser Island waste facilities are now cleaner and safer for residents and tourists. New facility features include directional signage, designated areas for separation of waste types; and increased waste removal from the sites. Bulk bins are provided for household waste and small amounts of bulk household items, with designated areas for green waste, steel, small amounts of construction and demolition waste.

Recycling collection is currently not available on the island, however Council encourages recyclables to be brought back to the mainland and disposed of correctly.  Under no circumstances should asbestos, waste oil (cooking/motor) or large amounts of construction and demolition waste be disposed of at Fraser Island waste facilities.  Waste oil (cooking/motor – 20L max) can be disposed of at Hervey Bay and Maryborough waste facilities.

Asbestos must be securely wrapped in accordance with Asbestos Disposal guidelines and transported to the Maryborough Waste Facility for more information http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/asbestos/general/legislation-and-codes-of-practice.htm.

If you are planning a renovation or demolition project please ensure arrangements are made for removal of construction and demolition waste from the Island to a mainland waste facility.

Council is seeking feedback from all of the key stakeholders and will be attending the upcoming FINIA meeting to discuss this matter further.  For more information or to discuss the issue further, please contact Sue Paul, Manager Waste Operations, on (07) 4190 5806 or email.

 Contributed by Sue Paul, Wide Bay Water and Waste Services 

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