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Walking Track Upgrade for Northern Champagne Pools Access

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Track maintenance is an ongoing process throughout all National Parks, and with K’gari boasting over 100 kilometres of walking tracks, maintenance and upgrade works are a regular occurrence. QPWS rangers recently upgraded the northern section of the Champagne Pools access track to prevent erosive processes and reduce maintenance by installing recycled plastic trail pads.


Track upgrade at Champagne Pools, photo courtesy of QPWS

The honeycombed-shaped pads allow for directional flexibility and are easily assembled in the field.  Applied directly to the ground surface, they are then covered with sand reducing the visual impact and keeping the natural aesthetic.

Rangers completed the initial stages of the project, a 180 metre section, with the final section to the car park scheduled for upgrade in the coming months.

Walking tracks throughout the island are regularly maintained by QPWS and provide visitors with a unique opportunity to experience K’gari by foot.



Article contributed by Linda Behrendorff (RIC NRM), Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Great Sandy National Park

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