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QPWS Funding for Strategic Pest Management

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Annual funding applications for State Government priority pest management projects were recently approved. The Great Sandy National Park (GSNP) and Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area (IPRA) received a substantial part of the allocated funding.

This funding will assist in the control of a number of priority pest species between Cooloola and K’gari including ongoing projects that mitigate the threatening processes to our coastal dune vegetation. Many pest species within the GSNP are often introduced and spread by external vectors.

Ongoing funding has been approved for existing priority projects such as the:

  • GSNP Bitou Bush Control Program (still the only recorded restricted invasive plant under the Biosecurity Act 2014 (category 2, 3, 4 & 5) on Fraser Island (K’gari) and also a Weed of National Significance.
  • Pandanus Dieback Survey and Control Collaborative Program.
  • Green Panic Control Program for Black Breasted Button Quail conservation at IPRA.
  • Singapore Daisy Control Program – Teewah Beach.

Pandanus Dieback Survey funded

Newly funded projects that will enhance the work already completed by QPWS Rangers include surveying for Gambusia sp. (Mosquito fish) in K’gari lake systems and waterways, equipment purchases for invasive grass species control and an early/tactical intervention program for fox control.

These projects will continue to provide opportunities for collaboration as contractors and volunteers will be sought to assist QPWS with this important work.

Submitted by Linda Behrendorff RIC NRM, Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service, Great Sandy National Park

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