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QR Codes on K’gari

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FIDO recently decided to test the application of QR codes.  (QR stands for Quick Response rather than ‘Queensland Rail’).  We recently updated the Eurong sign shelter and instead of loading up a lot of blurb that people who want to make the most of their time on K’gari are loathe to stop and read, we tried using QR codes to sell ourselves and our message.

QR_FIDOQR codes are available free on the web.  Once you obtain one, it needs to be linked immediately to a specific web site URL.  Then people only need to point their phone at the QR code and they will be directed immediately to the web site without touching a keyboard.  QR codes rely on them being located at sites that are within mobile range.  That is why we are testing them at Eurong and Happy Valley.  However, at the moment only Telstra mobile service operates from these two communities.  We are still evaluating how much benefit there is, but we know of at least one new member who learnt about our work via this QR code connection.

FIDO is planning to capitalize on any extension of the mobile network with unobtrusive QR code signs to improve interpretation of natural values.  For example, FIDO has established a short Nature Walk between Eurong’s two valleys.  Unfortunately, it is close to the Eurong pub and often signs are vandalized.  If we can replace these with signs that are harder to vandalize, we can offer better interpretation.  We may end up with about a dozen QR codes to cover the circuit, so reducing the signage dramatically.

Article contributed by John Sinclair AO, FIDO

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