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Give yourself a weed workout: Glory Lily

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Glory Lily (declared under Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Local Law number 3) is a perennial herb from Africa and Asia with climbing stems with tendrils at the tips. 

The plant has shiny narrow green leaves that die off in winter and produces long-lived underground tubers.  Yellow, orange and red flowers with turned back petals, expose the stamens October – May.  Spread by garden refuse and birds, the plant is found in bushland, coastal habitats and gardens, Glory Lily also tolerates nutrient- poor soils.

Glory Lily
This attractive garden plant is locally declared as a pest on Fraser Island and must be removed

Control by collecting and destroying seed pods and dig out small patches and bag ensuring tubers removed completely. Chemical control in Dec and then Feb using glyphosate & water at 1:50(20mL/L) + Metsulfuron methyl at 1.5g/10L water (with surfactant).  Before using any herbicide, always read the label carefully and apply strictly in accordance with direction on the label.

Article submitted by Juliet Musgrave, Fraser Coast Regional Council

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