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Measuring the power of a website

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When you launch a website, it’s hard to know how well it is being received?  What do people think of your web pages and articles and who is using them? We all appreciate a bit of feedback and while there are some indicators, such as the State Library of Queensland formally requesting to archive the FINIA website content, people seeking additional information and/or offering to volunteer through the website’s contact form.  But it is hard to know how often your website and specific articles (blogs) are being picked up or viewed by a broader audience.

The FINIA website, finia.org.au was launched in May 2011.  Powered by (and sponsored by) WordPress, the website also has some great inbuilt analytical tools that enable us to monitor who, or at least their country of origin, is accessing the website and which articles are of the most interest.

So, a few fun statistical facts:

  • As of April 2018, the website had received a total of 18,303 hits from a total of 105 countries.
  • The top ten countries accessing the FINIA website are: Australia (14292), United States (2355), Canada (164), India (129), United Kingdom (119), France (110), Germany (92), New Zealand (90), Brazil (59) and Malaysia (52).
  • The FINIA website has 14 followers – people that are notified whenever we upload a new blog.
  • The most popular pages or blogs we have published are: A Colourful Fraser Island (a story from David Anderson about Fraser Island Creeper published in February 2013) with 1091 visits. Other popular stories have included: More Fraser Island Creepers (582), Sandy Cape Lighthouse (401), Fraser Island Native Planting Guide (303), Treatment of Planthopper on Pandanus (237), Dingo Scat Collection (202) and Postans’ Logging Camp Revisited (201).

So if you haven’t visited recently, perhaps it’s time you became a FINIA follower?

Article contributed by Sue Sargent

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