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Are you a Fraser Island landholder looking to replace your exotic plants with local native plant species?  Did you know you can source them for free*?


Midyim flowers (photo Suzanne Wilson)

The Eurong nursery has grown in capacity, stocking species which are sourced and grown on K’gari. These include groundcovers, shrubs, as well as bird and butterfly attracting plant species.

One of my favourite small shrubs or groundcovers is Austromyrtus dulcis, common name Midyim Berry.  Austromyrtus – from the Latin, australis, southern and myrtus, from the Greek name for myrtle and dulcis – Latin for sweet.  The natural distribution for this species is the Coastal areas from Fraser Island down to Northern New South Wales.

Growing to less than 1 metre, Midyim has attractive, coppery pink new growth, 10 mm white flowers from Spring to Autumn, followed by a succession of small, sweet edible berries; that are white speckled with purple.  They grow well in full sun or part shade and semi-exposed coastal conditions. Midyim responds to pruning and if planted closely together can be trimmed to form a tidy small hedge.

The low spreading bushes provide habitat cover for ground-dwelling birds and a seasonal food source for seed-eating birds and mammals. The flowers are also very attractive to butterflies and both Native and European Bee species. Many local native Fraser Island plants including Austromyrtus dulcis are in stock now at the Eurong Nursery.  Contact Suzanne for more information on how to receive your free plants* at coolumgypsy@yahoo.com.au

*conditions apply.

Article contributed by Suzanne Wilson, FIDO.

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