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Weed Workout: Live leaf succulent

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Live leaf succulent (Bryophyllum pinnatum) is covered by Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Local Law No.3 (Community & Environment) 2011- Pest Plants.

LiveLeafSucculentFound in Old gardens, under the canopy of trees on vacant land and drainage lines throughout the Fraser Coast, Burrum River and foreshore, Live Leaf is an escapee ornamental plants from Madagascar.

It is a perennial fleshy-leaved plant with scalloped margin, will grow at each indent of each leaf margin.60-120 cm.  Flowering from Winter to Spring with pendulous bell-shaped lemon to green/pink flowers.  Live Leaf is HIGHLY TOXIC TO STOCK.

The plant spreads vegetatively and via garden waste, humans and water.  Live Leaf must be controlled and cannot be sold or supplied in the Fraser Coast.

Please contact Fraser Coast Council Biosecurity Officers for positive identification and for further information.

Article submitted by Juliet Musgrave, Fraser Coast Regional Council 

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