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Pest Profile: Indian or Common Myna

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Another call to action on newly established Indian mynas, with the added request that people formally report any sightings.

Inidian MynaWhat can you do?  Learn to correctly identify Indian mynas (as opposed to the native mynas)

Get involved in mapping:  Where, when and how many mynas we see.

As part of a preventative approach to addressing the Common (or Indian) Myna bird, Fraser Coast Council is looking to collect sighting and activity reports within the region. These will be mapped to show the distribution of the pest birds, where “hot spots” exist and to identify possible nesting and roosting sites.

Record and Report:

Visit  Council’s website and fill out councils form or Mynascan can be downloaded as an app on your phone to record sightings, how many, damage and see if other sightings have been made and what controls.

Trapping: There are also helpful resources and links to trap making plans and further information.

For further information please Contact Council or visit the websites mentioned.

Article contributed by Juliet Musgrave, Fraser Coast Regional Council

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