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The University of the Sunshine Coast has developed the K’gari-Fraser Island App which is now available in the App store. Search for ‘Fraser Island Guide’. The App is designed to assist USC’s students and staff plan their trip to the Island, choose itineraries and learn about K’gari. Given the University’s interest in Dilli Village, all itineraries start at Dilli but can be adapted. The App is available to the public, is not commercial and is free to anyone who wishes to download it.

There are six sections to the App: ‘Need to Know’, ‘Learn’, ‘Explore’, ‘Connect’, ‘USC’ and ‘Photo gallery’. There are links to the QPWS website and the BOM. Our aim is for people to have a safe and engaging trip to the Island with an understanding that everyone should be environmentally and culturally respectful. Please download the App and take a look. The App has not been officially launched and we very much welcome your feedback.

K'gari AppIn the ‘Learn’ section you will see that we have provided links to some publications held in the K’gari-Fraser Island Research Archive. Material for the App was sourced primarily from the K’gari-Fraser Island Research Archive and particularly the John Sinclair collection. Thank you John!

The App can be updated at any time so as new publications become available (or we are made aware of appropriate publications) we will attempt to link them to the App.

Article contributed by Dr Kim Walker, University of the Sunshine Coast

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