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Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers hit the ground running

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On August 6th 2018 the Butchulla Land & Sea Rangers Program (BLSR) commenced working and caring for Butchulla country. BLSR1BLSR aim to contribute, protect and manage local cultural heritage values on Butchulla country, by protecting and preserving cultural sites and country, create opportunities to transfer traditional knowledge to future generations and ensuring it is continued in the future.

BLSR feel strongly about developing strong partnerships and working collaboratively to reach common goals. BLSR have some strong developed relationships and look forward to building strong working relationships with other stakeholders to rehabilitate land and water systems, restore natural landscapes, implement programs to control weeds and pests and help manage marine conservation and habitats.

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The BLSR team have been work on K’gari (Fraser Island) and the mainland, connecting and learning about Country and each other. They Engaged with elders, community and stakeholders to gain knowledge and guidance to maintain connections with Country. BLSR aim to mentor, educate and pass on knowledge to future generations, guided by the Three Butchulla Laws:

  1. What’s good for the land comes first.
  2. If you have plenty you must share
  3. Do not touch or take anything that does not belong to you.

BLSR Coordinator Conway Burns designed a “Working on Butchulla Country badge” that both the BLSR and QPWS Rangers display on their uniforms. This collaborate badge provide QPWS with a better view on Country, Looking through Butchulla eyes.

The Badge represents Butchulla land and sea country.

The Djilgar (Black Wattle) represents Land, when it flowers, it tells our people, time to travel to K’gari. The Gaarbunya (Mullet), Daiarlee (Tailor) is on the move and plentiful.

Diamond Scaled mullet represents the sea, which is one of the Butchulla food festival totems. The rainbow colours on the Mullet represents Yindingie (The Creator Rainbow Serpent).

Narawi (Sea Waves) represents Korrawinga (Great Sandy Straits) Buthu (Indo Pacific Bottle Nose Dolphin) is also a totem for the Butchulla people.

Look Listen Connect Country!!

Article contributed by Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation’s Land and Sea Ranger Team

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