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Give yourself a Pest Workout: Brazilian Cherry

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The Brazillian Cherry (Eugenia uniflora), an environmental weed, is a medium height shrub native to South America, Brazilian Cherry has a dense rounded habit with oval leaves, pointed tips and red new growth.  It grows 3-6m tall and forms dense stands outcompeting native plants.


Brazilian Cherry has a delicious fruit – but is totally unsuitable for Fraser Island and quickly can become a weed

Characterised by succulent ribbed orange/red fruits that can be easily spread by birds, small mammals and water.  Found in older style gardens along foreshore and riverside areas, it was often used as an ornamental garden plant.  Control with a registered herbicide like glyphosate, cutting the shrub and pasting stumps within 20 seconds.

For more information, please contact Council Biosecurity Officers for positive identification and for further info.

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