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Island Impressions While Weeding

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Thoughts contributed by FIDO Volunteer, Maria Miller

Angophora Action Absorb Abandoned Avocado Accept

Blueberry ash Butterflies Brazilian nightshade Boronia

Comb fern Climate Coral Creeper Cuttings Companions

Drongo Dump Dig Dazzle Dingo Dugong

Eurong Epiphytes Eucalypts Energy Ebb Exotics

Figs 4WD Full Moon Fence Frigate birds Fraser Island creeper

Gloriosa lily Giants Grubby

Happy hour Heat & Humidity Hormones Hibiscus

Indefatigable Impact Insects Idealists

Joint effort Jobs Judicious Jumpy

Kirrar Kauri Kama Kingfisher bay

Lake McKenzie Late Summer Laurels Locals Lantana

Monitor Mossman River grass Microplastics Miracles

NURSERY Native Sarsaparilla Not idle

Open-minded Optimistic Orchard swallowtail

Plant Pool-time Picnics Praying mantids PLANET

Quandary Quantify Quiet

Revegetation Relic Rain Ranger Russ

Sand blow Spinifex Sweaty Skinks Shells Stock

TALINGA Tourists Tip Tools Tasks Topography Toilets

Umpteen Underbrush Unforgettable

VOLUNTEERS Varied eggfly

Weeding Ninjas Woody Wonderland Waves

Xcursions Xanthorrhoea

Yakka (hard) Yowie Yorkies

Zornia Zzzz


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