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Moving Towards Eradication – Bitou Bush

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Linda Behrendorff (QPWS) has co-authored a paper with Stacy Harris (Biosecurity Queensland) and Ian Muirhead on the bitou bush eradication project on K’gari – Fraser Island, which was recently published in the journal Ecological Restoration and Management.


Key points from the paper are that bitou bush has a low recruitment rate, that the majority of the bitou bush seed germinates within three years, and no germination has been recorded after 7 years.

The paper highlights that the collaborative investment by many stakeholders including QPWS, BQ, Fraser Coast Regional Council, Traditional Owners and volunteers has been highly successful and concludes that eradication of bitou bush from K’gari – Fraser Island within the next decade is a realistic goal.

If you are interested in learning more, the full article can be downloaded here.

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