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Working and living on K’gari offers various unique opportunities for wildlife encounters. 

The sad and sorry end for this spotted python

Some are memorable for all the wrong reasons. Antechinus-chewed holes in a stored canvas swag! The bush rat who enjoys the odd vehicle wiring chew and nesting material in the battery box! How about the huntsman spider as big as your hand, felt just before you turn on the light switch in the dark! The brown tree snake that’s decided the vehicle sun-visor is the best place to rest before you jumped in the driver’s seat and pull it down to retrieve the keys!

The odd shoe stolen when left outside the door is nothing compared to the recent Dundubara staff experience of a complete power outage throughout the base and campground for a number of hours during the fully-booked school holiday period.

Smoke rising from the generator junction box revealed the grizzly sight. A curious spotted python looking for a warm place to dwell sadly got more heat than it bargained for.

A huge thank you to Garry and Shane who immediately barged across in unsavoury beach conditions to save everyone from a cold shower and an early night.

Article and image contributed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Great Sandy National Park

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