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Developing a Master Plan for Central Station

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For decades, Central Station has been a tourism destination on K’gari. Once the centre of the forestry industry (and a school) when there was logging on K’gari, the site has housed a display explaining the development of K’gari and its various flora and fauna and a picnic area. But the location also has cultural significance to the Butchulla people.

As the nature conservation agency responsible for managing Queensland’s national parks and protected areas, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services and Partnerships (QPWS&P) recognised that a comprehensive and considered master plan for Central Station will ensure that this pivotal location can act as both a valued asset for local community members and as a place for visitors to gain knowledge, understanding and a memorable cultural experience.

The Master Plan Design team comprised QPWS&P, a TCL-led team including Gregory Burgess Architects, Gresley Abas, David Lancashire Design, Sanmore and Associates with Rider Levett Bucknall and representatives from the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation.

Three site visits were conducted on K’gari with cultural mapping undertaken to assist with the development of the draft Master Plan and BAC-led community consultation at an event held at Dayman Park in September. With the draft Master Plan now signed off by the BAC Directors, the plan is now being finalised by QPWS &P.

While the Master Plan’s delivery will be staged over a number of years, one of the first tasks will be to stabilise and restore buildings on site which will create employment for Butchulla participants.

Article developed in conjunction with Chantel Van Wamelen

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  1. Ian Bauer says:

    Hi, just wondering where we can see the plan for the redevelopment?
    And are the historical articles, Dozer , bathtub from maheino and Japanese gun from command camp being returned ?
    Cheers Ian

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