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‘Cat-astrophe’ on K’gari (Fraser Island)

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Rangers in the field come across a number of different curiosities like this feral cat (felis cattus) skull. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships (QPWS&P) Ranger Wayne and Butchulla Community rangers Dwight and Tingira came across the skull on a western firebreak during recent cultural activities.

QPWS&P Ranger, Wayne Minniecon with the cat skull (Photo: QPWS&P)

This skull had unusually small white teeth for the size of the skull and a small puncture in the top.

Although prohibited on K’gari (Fraser Island), cats are regularly ‘captured’ on monitoring trail cameras and via paw prints tracks across the island, though they are rarely sighted. Originally thought to have arrived  with shipwreck victims and lighthouse keepers, each cat is capable of consuming large quantities of native wildlife in their lifetime. They also compete with wongari (dingoes) for food.

Wayne’s sighting will be added to the QPWS&P local observation database for feral animal species and WILDNET to monitor and assess feral cat distribution across K’gari.

If you see a feral animal, tracks or remains please advise QPWS&P with details and an image if available to assist in keeping country healthy.

Article contributed by the NRM team Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships, Great Sandy National Park

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